Romans 12:2

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
Romans 12:2

I was reading The Servant Leader: Transforming your Heart, Head, Hands and Habits by Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges when I came to this snippet of scripture that made me think of the gentleman I met Friday at the sub shop by the Human Services Campus. Our conversation really epitomizes this part of Romans 12:2. It illustrates how change begins, sometimes with just a willingness to trust God. I hope you enjoy Ricky's story this morning. While you're reading, I'm hiking the Estrella Mountains in solidarity and in support of our fabulous neighbors in the LDRC:
St. Joseph the Worker.
Pace e bene!
Tracy L. Geivett, Chaplain/Executive Director

News from the Street!

I had a noon meeting at the sub shop one block over from the Human Services Campus on Friday and decided it was a fabulous day for a walk. I arrived early and as always the lunch crowd was shoulder to shoulder. I placed my order and tried to find a spot out of the way between the door and the drink cooler. I looked up from my frenzied email-answering multi-tasking on my phone as the door opened and a gentleman stepped into the little room filled with more people than tables.

"Holy cow! This place is busy!"
I smiled and nodded.
He asked, "Is it always like this?"
"Yup" I said.
He pointed over his shoulder towards the government buildings to the north. "They come from over there, huh? Do you work over there?"
"No" I said, pointing south, "I work over there."
He smiled, "Oh! Do you work at CASS?"
"No. I work in the LDRC. I'm the Chaplain."
Now he really smiled! "Hey! I need to come see you! I lost my ID and just started a new job. The problem is I work the days you guys are open and I need the ID by next week!"
We traded names and some more small talk.
I told him, "You know what Ricky? If you come over to the office at 1:30 I'll get you hooked up for an ID."
"Really? Cool! I'll be there! I really appreciate it."

Ricky was true to his word and knocked on the Chaplaincy office door at 1:30. As we sat and chatted he said this to me, "You know, I was really messing up for a long, long time. It wasn't until I started believing in something bigger than me that my life started getting better. I know that sounds cliche and all but I mean it. When I started not focusing on me me me good things started happening. People need something to believe in!"

Just like in Romans 12:2, Ricky was transformed by the renewing of his mind.
How cool is that?
Be blessed and be kind.