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The streets of Phoenix around the HSC are awash in garbage and discarded clothes. The normal holiday aftermath of the holiday 'street donor'. Those well meaning folks who decide the homeless need help at Christmas. I invite you all to come tour the Human Services Campus just 50 yards south of where you usually set up your tables for handouts. Three hot meals a day, shelter, ministries, clothing closets, employment services, healthcare and the list goes on... Everything you thought the homeless were lacking. Love, respect and dignity. If you really want to join the fight to END homelessness please come see how you can help year round. Pace e bene.
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    • Tracy L. Geivett What so many people do not realize is how hard it was for the campus to 'win over' the neighboring community, both residential and business before it was built in 2005. The common argument was 'We don't want a homeless campus in our backyard. It will create trash and problems.' Well the holiday street donor inadvertently creates trash and problems and the neighboring community says, 'See... that's exactly why we didn't want it here.' So unintentionally the street donor 'hurts' those who are trying to empower people to end their homelessness. One might even say they hurt the very people they think they are helping. It saddens me because if everyone put those wonderful intentions to good use we could most certainly END HOMELESSNESS. Think of the power we could have in collaborating to make a difference. Someday soon I hope. Pace e bene!
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    • John Bowen People are just dropping 'stuff' off curbside willy-nilly and taking off?
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    • Tracy L. Geivett They most certainly do that John... I was giving a tour last Friday and walked past a box that was just left on the corner of 12th Ave and Madison. But they also set up tables on the street and it becomes almost a mob-like street fair. They leave and someone else comes and the cycle continues. What they don't see is the aftermath. The man that took 3 new sweat shirts and then realized he couldn't carry them all so he dumps them in the gutter. Because he knows he can get a new sweat shirt at Andre House the next day. Their intentions are good but it is misguided.
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    • Don Vance Drive-by charity. They open the back of their mini vans and start a stampede.
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    • Tracy L. Geivett It is mob mentality. The 'What can I get for free? What am I missing?' mentality. They then walk around the corner and realize they don't need the stuff they grabbed so they drop it on the street.
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    • Ron Friesen There are some people who think they are doing God's work doing this stuff - they don't get it - I call it "hit and run" ministry. God forbid that some of these folks should come to their homes.
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    • Tracy L. Geivett Yesterday morning was the worst morning so far this season I'm told. The streets were swimming in junk. Brand new clothing tossed around. Garbage from half eaten meals. Generally a disgusting mess that had to be cleaned up. I appreciate your comments Ron as a former Chaplain to the homeless and a Reverend. I call it 'trolling for souls on the street' and I don't generally like it. Sometimes it is downright creepy. Have you read Dirty Word by Jim Walker? Excellent take on street ministry and getting dirty.
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