Monthly Summer-y

July in Phoenix can be most unpleasant. I complain about my air conditioning bill, how my legs stick to my car seat when I get in my car to drive to work, and how my pool isn't quite so cool and refreshing by the end of July.

But I have air conditioning, in my car, at my house and at the office, and I have a pool. I don't have to sleep outside at the overflow shelter on a mat on the hot asphalt that never seems to cool down even at night. I don't have to sleep on a bunk bed next to other women who have spent the hot day outside trying to find a cool respite. I don't have to look for employment while using public transit and trying to look cool and professional while peeling my skirt off my sweaty legs when I stand up.

I need a reminder sometimes of my many blessings. Not too long ago I had a conversation with someone who had never been exposed to anything remotely 'homeless'. She was a pleasant woman with a caring heart but she said to me, "Don't most of them choose to be homeless?" I smiled and answered, "Many have made some wrong choices but no one that I know woke up one day with the goal of being homeless. For many people homelessness is a symptom of a choice gone awry but it most definitely wasn't their first choice." She was astounded to learn of the services available in downtown Phoenix on the Human Services Campus. She, like many, was unaware of this hidden oasis amidst the industrial part of downtown. Tucked behind the pretty stuff... the Diamondbacks ballpark and the Phoenix Suns arena, and the Government Offices; this campus and the Chaplaincy wait....ready to change lives.

So today's newsletter is simply this... an invitation to come visit the Chaplaincy for the Homeless and tour this little piece of Phoenix, this place that welcomes people and offers hope. Spend an hour.... Spend the day! Please call or email me for more information!

Tracy L Geivett
602.223.3427 office phone