Good News from Charlie!

I met Charlie in the beginning of June when he ran into a snag getting his Arizona Driver's License. He was respectful, tenacious, resourceful, and determined. He managed to get the ladies at MVD to call the MVD in his home state and have them fax his driving record. Charlie spent a morning at MVD being polite and amiable and by early afternoon had his Arizona Driver's License. Shortly after getting his identification Charlie took a job he didn't really enjoy; it's outside and outside in July in Phoenix isn't a real fun job... no matter what you may be doing. But every afternoon he would stop by my office still wearing his orange vest and holding his lunch cooler and he'd tap on the glass just to wave a greeting. He always calls me Ms. Tracy and makes me smile with his gracious southern manners.

It's nearly the end of July. Charlie has a job, he joined a gym, he spent time researching apartments; looking for a neighborhood he'd like, near public transportation and his job. He qualified for a program that will help ease the transition from the shelter to his new adobe for a couple months. He also qualified for a car but they won't sell to him with a shelter address but are holding the vehicle until he moves into his apartment and changes his address on his Arizona Driver's License. Charlie is a testimony to taking lemons and making lemonade.

Charlie knocked on the door today and asked if he could share the good news about his new apartment with Deborah and I. The three of us sat and smiled and laughed. Deborah and I congratulated Charlie on moving out of this low part of his life with such speed.

You know what Charlie said?

"I've never been to a place with so many loving people. Everywhere I'd look down here there was someone who wanted to help me. Give me guidance. Pick me up when I stumbled. I didn't expect that. You all made me want to do the best I could because you all gave me the best you could."

Thanks for making me cry Charlie. You're a good man with a lot to share and today you gave us as much if not more than you think we gave you.

Public Service Announcement!

All of the agencies on the Human Services Campus are desperate for hygiene products with deodorant as the primary need! The campus as a whole also needs shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, razors, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc. Perhaps you can hold a hygiene drive at work/school/church! You may contact me for delivery. Thank you for your continued support!


Tracy L Geivett, Assistant Chaplain