Bibi and Virgil.

This week brought the loveliest couple to the Chaplaincy for the Homeless. Bibi and Virgil have been married for a good many years. They are both in their mid 50's. I was helping Virgil and Deborah was helping Bibi at the next desk. Neither Deborah nor I realized they were together...let alone married.

I was running through my list of usual questions when we open a new file in our database. Things like birthdate, income sources, contact information, etc. I noticed Virgil glancing over his shoulder and Bibi smiling encouragingly or whispering something to him. I knew something was up but wasn't quite sure what until I got to the question, "Are you married?" and he smiled shyly and glanced at Bibi and she was smiling big at Deborah and I. "Let me guess.... Is this Mrs. Virgil?" I asked with a wink. We all shared a good laugh.

Bibi lost her part time job and they couldn't keep their house on Virgil's disability alone. He walks with a cane. I watched them as they left. Bibi instinctually reached out her hand to help steady Virgil. The love was so apparent in that gesture. I reluctantly reflected on how hard it must be to live in a homeless shelter and have to sleep separate from the man who has been by your side for so many years. But, oh my goodness... the love was there. I imagine them meeting bright and early to start their day together despite ending it separately. They both got identification and ordered their birth certificates that day. Because he receives disability the chances of them being housed quickly are substantially higher. Hopefully Bibi and Virgil have their own place soon where she can plant flowers and he can sip iced tea on the porch. What a lovely couple.

Be kind this week to everyone and be blessed.