Mother's Day

I love to milk Mother's Day. I stretch it out to encompass the entire weekend. I spread guilt like jam on toast. Today, however, I had a thought. The homeless shelter is filled with moms. Lots of moms and everyone there (EVERYONE!) has a mom somewhere.

How many mom's today are wondering where their child is? How many moms have a hole in their heart because they haven't seen or heard from their son or daughter in years? How many moms woke up this morning not to breakfast in bed but to an ache in their very soul because they don't know if their child is dead or alive?

How many men and women woke up today with regrets? Wishing they had a chance to make amends? Wishing they had the change to make a phone call to their mom? How many might be having a conversation in their mind, apologizing, whispering words of longing and love to their mom?

Next year I would like to set up a table in the LDRC where my office is located with an Internet connection and a cell phone with long distance. Come.. have a seat. Let's find your mom.... Let's find your son or daughter. Let's reconnect. Let's make amends. Let's wake up with the knowledge that it is never too late to make a change.

May you have a beautiful day and may you remember to be kind and make someone else's day beautiful... perhaps just with a smile.

~Blessings and peace on Mother's Day


  1. Beautiful post and idea for 2012
    Happy Mother's Day to you Tracy


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