Dragon's Bikes!!! Please help spread the word!!

Below is an email I received from a co-worker. This program is sooooo very important to the homeless in Phoenix! That they were forced to lower their referral acceptance is so very sad to me. We cannot let this program die! Please help! Donate a bike! A frame! Spread the word!! Thank you! ~ peace

Hello all,

Beginning this month Dragon’s Bikes Earn a Bike Program will be reducing the amount of referrals accepted from 10 to 5 individuals per month. This is due to the decrease in the amount of bicycles available for individuals to earn.

How does one earn a bicycle?
· Step 1 – the individual must receive a referral from an agency on campus – this can be as simple as sending me an email

· Step 2 – they meet with me to go over paperwork and set up a schedule for their volunteering hours

· Step 3 – complete 10 hours of volunteer service, within 30 days, with either the mechanic in Dragon’s Bikes or with Joe Medina in the LDRC

· Step 4 – receive bicycle, chain and lock, and take a photo with me

1. If they have a job can they just get the bicycle?

a. No, they should be referred to St. Vincent de Paul. One of the purposes of this program is to offer those who are not eligible for that program to still be able to receive a bicycle at no cost to them, except for time.

2. What if the individual has no mechanic experience?

a. Doesn’t matter. We offer the opportunity to still volunteer within the LDRC. Unfortunately we are not at a point where we can teach everyone how to build a bike from the ground up.

3. What kind of bicycles do we have?

a. For the Earn a Bike Program we typically have mountain bicycles.

4. When can I receive my bicycle?

a. If they have not built their own bicycle, they must give our mechanic up to 1 week to build them a bicycle, based off of their size and the bicycle that they chose.

I hope that this clarifies any questions that individuals interested in the program may have.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Laura DiTroia
Community Resource Manager
Lodestar Day Resource Center
(w) 602-525-1143
(f) 602-258-4615

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