A Request from a Client.....

Below is a beautiful, touching poem that was shared on facebook by a friend and colleague who also works with the homeless..... one of his clients wrote this poem:

"Can I trust you with my pain?
To treat it with kindness and respect?
To listen to it,
So I can speak the unspoken?

Will you help me catch the tears
As the floodgates open?
Swim with me into the unknown?
Save me from drowning in my sorrow?

If I entrust you with my grief,
Will you help me take care of it?
Console it? Soothe it? Make it feel safe?
Will you accept it as a gift to be protected?

If I take the risk and end the drought,
Will you leave me alone and sodden after the storm?
Will you reach for your umbrella,
And just walk away?

I feel my need and I fear it,
As I fear all that I do not understand.
Yet I ask you to be with me,
For I am tired of walking alone."

-A poem written by one of our clients at work.

Please be kind to people. When they reach out a hand...grab hold of it. When they look at you... smile back. Please, please be kind. Not so hard.. right?