Change your thinking... change the world.

Two very different encounters with the from long before I started working with the homeless and one shortly after....

I was waiting at a red light at 7th Ave and I-10 in Phx. My window was cracked and a homeless gentleman walked up to my car. He asked me for money.. I apologized profusely (I really didn't have any!) saying I didn't have any cash... he muttered to me 'Asshole I bet you have one of those.'
I was indignant, I was in shock! I yelled 'GET A JOB'.

Today I have perspective on his dilemma and understand 'GET A JOB' is NOT THE FIRST STEP... it's on the road of course but that man most certainly was in no condition to just GET A JOB. He was dirty, hungry, mentally ill and angry at his situation. There are many more steps before JUST GET A JOB.

The 2nd encounter:
Shortly after I started volunteering at the ECH I was heading to the court house on Jefferson to meet my soon to be ex-husband... it was drizzling lightly. An older lady was sitting on a rock holding newspaper over her head and asked me for change for coffee... I stopped dug in my purse and gave her a couple dollars and then to her surprise sat down beside her and asked why she was sitting in the rain when she could be inside at the LDRC? She said she didn't have a lock for her bike (filled with her belongings). We chatted .. her name was Sandy, lovely lady..... I told her to come say hi to me at the ECH. She was smiling as she walked into the cafe at the court house to get her coffee.

2 very different encounters but my thinking was the catalyst for change.... I love what God has taught me in the last 2 yrs.. how he has CHANGED MY PERSPECTIVE!!