Tracy... Homeland Security on the phone for you...

I have now twice heard those words and they freeze me for a moment before I remember I was born in Pennsylvania and cannot be deported to the east coast. Now I can't explain my fear of Homeland Security, both calls have yeilded fantastic news!

This particular call today was regarding a last ditched effort on my part with a personal letter sent to the local immigration office in Phoenix, Arizona. Michael was born in London, England and came to the United States legally in 1989. He had a Permanent Resident Card and then fell off the radar. He readily admits he let life go and battled addiction. Michael has no ID, Michael cannot remember his Alien number needed to replace his Permanent Resident Card. A phone call to USCIS was unproductive. They suggested he go to the local office. When I explained he cannot get into the local office without ID the officer on the phone said "I'm sorry, that's all I know to do."

Hence, my personal plea to the local office and hence, Officer Adam's phone call today. Officer Adam's called and told me he already ordered Michael's file and to make the appointment, they will let him in with the right answers to some personal familial queries and his homeless shelter ID. This is a fantasticly unexpected miracle.

Expect Miracles it says on the Ecumenical Chaplaincy for the Homeless's office door. I not only expect and get to see them up close and personal..... I get to share them with you afterwards.