How many paychecks away are you from possible homelessness? a dad and his little girl came in. They needed to replace their lost birth certificates in order to keep their beds at the shelter. If they don't have them in a given time frame they will lose their beds. On first glance this seems cruel maybe. However, it's even sadder to realize that on any given night in Phoenix, Arizona there are more people needing a bed than there are beds.

Today I listened to my friend Deborah call and beg to get a young girl a bed. When phone calls didn't produce a bed, Deborah went next door to CASS and begged for a bed in person. This young girl just arrived in Phoenix and had never been in a homeless situation. She was alone and terrified of having to sleep on the street. Her fear is not unfounded, last night a man was stabbed outside the Men's Outreach Shelter. It is uncertain if he survived. How many people are out there who aren't fortunate enough to run into a tenacious Deborah?