Some ECH facebook blurbs....

Some daily facebook status updates from The Ecumenical Chaplaincy for the Homeless, if we aren't friends on facebook you better find me. :)

07/02/2010:… ...met a gentleman who was traveling through Flagstaff and found himself in jail after a series of unfortunate circumstances (trespassing because of a broken down vehicle). He made it to Phoenix after being released but sat dumbfounded in my office trying to figure out where to start. Everything gone, no family, a brand new police record.... scary isn't it?

06/30/2010:… If you want to know what I'm talking about, call us at 602-417-9853 and arrange a time to come and visit. You can watch the miracles unfold right before your eyes. You will have a chance to be part of changing thousands of lives each year. You can participate in ending homelessness, one person at a time. Come and see! (Posted by Chaplain Dave)

06/30/2010:… It is very hard for me to be incapacitated when there is so much to do in the Chaplaincy office. My one consolation is that our wonderful staff does it ALL. I also miss the passion and energy they bring to every guest's visit. They are direct channels of God's compassion for the poorest of His children. They are truely God's angels in the Zone, transforming the lives of all they meet. (Posted by Chaplain Dave)

06/29/2010:… ...the wonders of the internet and our growing dependence on it. No printing out birth certificate applications, no internet... no people searches, no internet.... so very little access to all that we do. Pray the internet is up and working in the morning and that our guests are as patient with us tomorrow as they were today. :)

06/28/2010:… I am home, at last. They found 3 pulmonary emboli (blood clots in my lungs), one of them very large. I am doing well, and will be back in harness before you know it. There is more for me to do. I need a little more rest and lots of blood tests before then, though. I can't begin to thank each of you individually for your prayers, but I hope you will continue them. My wife, Nkem, and I are very grateful. (Posted by Chaplain Dave)

06/28/2010:… ... in speaking with the Chaplain yesterday it appears if all goes well he will be released today! A few days of rest and perhaps we'll see him in the office towards the end of the week! He is taking blood thinners for the clots and will be monitored for some time. Thank you God for putting him where he needed to be just when he needed to be there. :)

06/27/2010:… June 1-27: Birth Certificates: 130, ID's or Drivers Licenses: 187, Immigration docs: 19, Hygiene Kits: 150, Socks: 145, Other identification docs: 16, Reunited with family: 2, People Search: 6............ Your support changes lives!

06/25/2010:… ...Chaplain Dave sends his thanks for all of your continued prayers... he is expected to make a full recovery, thank God. :)

06/25/2010:… ..had an inquiry from an 82 yr old woman who has had a green card for 30 years. She wants to become a naturalized citizen and she is eligible to apply!! I take for granted the rights and privileges afforded to me as a citizen born in the US until I meet someone willing to go through the lengthy process of becoming naturalized.

06/24/2010:… ... please say prayers for the Chaplain. He has been feeling under the weather lately and was admitted to the VA Hospital today.

06/23/2010:… an 18 yr old kid ended up in our office looking for an Arizona ID... no such luck with only a birth certificate... I looked at this boy and saw my son and the mother in me could think only of getting him away from The Zone... we sent him to Tumbleweed a center for runaway/homeless youth. I pray he goes home...

06/22/2010:… ...tomorrow we attend what's referred to as the Rock Star Pizza Party. The LDRC staff meeting is turned into a pizza party honoring guests and clients who have risen above hardship in their quest to regain self sufficiency. Tears and pizza... gotta love Rock Star Pizza Wednesday!!!

06/22/2010:… at 12:30 we will have a memorial service for those who have died on the streets of Phoenix this year. Their names will be read and we will remember them in death. They lived in the shadows of society but no one should die alone and forgotten.

06/21/2010:…. .the need is never ending... 40 people were on our list to see us by 8:30 this morning... 50 by 10am.... and tomorrow the list starts over.....

06/20/2010: …Every year a memorial service is held and the names are read of those who have died on the street. While their lives sometimes are largely unknown to us, it is made sure that they are not forgotten in death. Say a prayer tomorrow in remembrance, either in person or wherever you may be.

06/19/2010:…. ...I received a call last night from a caseworker whose client suffers from severe mental illness (SMI) and who we had assisted with some immigration documents... she called just to keep me updated on Huey's status and let me know how he's doing.. I'm always touched when we get a call, or a letter, or a visit from someone we've helped. I love this job. :)

06/17/2010: ….I get to meet the greatest people. I had the privilege of working with a gentleman this week who has made mistakes but is humbly, quietly doing everything expected of him to make them right. He didn't complain about the wait, or the system, or the injustice.. he is just humbly, methodically making things right and wearing a smile while he does it....

06/16/2010: ....had a young man in my office today who said to me.."I can't believe I'm homeless! I never, ever thought that would happen to ME! I used to look down on the homeless and thought they just weren't trying hard enough. God's showing me different. I'm sorry for thinking that." Due to a series of unfortunate events he lost his home in Queen Creek and now lays his head down at night at CASS....

06/15/2010: ….a guest yesterday found out that the name he thought was his own.. is not. When he was young his foster mom started using her family name as his own (with good intent) and now at a crucial time, he desperately needs his birth certificate.. his name on his ID does not match his birth name.. this will be a longer road than anticipated but with hope, Mr C will end up with all his documents having the same name..

06/14/2010: ….. 18 years old and kicked out of his home. The streets will swallow him up without intervention. Here's hoping he utilizes the resources he was given today and doesn't become a statistic.

06/11/2010: …...the streets are a hard place to call home. This life ages people and can create a hardened heart. Many times the hardened heart is from being treated as less than human. Feel the pain, the guilt, the shame everyday and escape becomes almost necessary... reach out today, smile and make eye contact with someone you pass. Be kind.