Miracles are everywhere... we just need to acknowledge them as such.

A polite woman was on the list this morning. She needed an Arizona birth certificate. She was polite but oh so persistent every time we opened the door. She knew she was at the bottom of the list but she had an opportunity to get into a half-way house today at 12:30, she just needed to furnish a birth certificate. We hear a menagerie of stories about why a person can't wait their turn but they are usually angry and she was so very polite. On a whim before calling the next guest, I decided to pull her file and as I was reading the notes starting in 2005; my heart sank a little..….We had purchased 2 birth certificates in the past for her and had offered to store each one and she refused. There was no way I could authorize paying for another.

Here comes the miracle my dear friends..... Now open your mind to this please…. As I scrolled down through the notes here is the last entry made by Ms Betty, a volunteer:

12/29/2009 - 9:43 - Document File Notes: AZ ID & SS card in file with BC (bd)

Ms Betty deals with lost and found, she files identity documents that have been turned in to us by other agencies or guests. Someone turned in Gloria’s lost documents back in December of last year. I called her in and said ‘Gloria, didn’t you tell me you needed a check to get a birth certificate?’ She answered yes, I held up the file and said ‘You have a birth certificate in our safe’. Her hand went up to her mouth in astonishment. I asked her to sit down while I made notes. I turned to her and said:

“Gloria, you realize God must really, really want you to go to this half-way house. Even if I had given you a check to get your birth certificate you wouldn’t have had it today. They are taking 7-10 business days to process and mail the birth certificates right now. God has plans for you.’ She started to cry and was speechless.

She said ‘Please tell Chaplain Dave I’m being good now, I wasn’t always but I’m really trying.’

I assured her I would pass on that message and I watched her walk out our door. Because of God’s grace another door will open for her today. Man I dig God.

Ps) She assured me she’d bring back the birth certificate for continued storage, she wanted me to pass that along to Chaplain Dave as well.