God has a plan...

An intended meeting?

A Navy veteran came into my office today. She was dressed sharp and needed to switch her out of state driver’s license to an Arizona driver’s license. She was articulate and polite. She seemed fine but suddenly her voice broke and I realized she was crying silently. I asked her if she was ok and she replied that she was dealing with problems of her own making. She quietly said she was scared to ask God for anything more, he’d given her so much already and she made mistakes with it. I thought of a story I read recently and told her this:

I heard that when we get to Heaven there will be a long hallway with doors that have our names on them…. We’ll find the door with our name and step through to a large room… if we didn’t ask God for our blessings, for His favor … we will find rows of boxes of blessings that were meant for us but never delivered because we didn’t ask. I want to open my door and find all the boxes empty when I get to Heaven. I’m going to make sure I ask everyday for God’s favor and the blessings He has stored for me. Just ask… He’s still there.

I think I helped lift her spirit a little. She gave me a hug. I gave her a list of resources for veterans. I know my spirit was lifted. God touched my heart and for all I might have given her I walked away with more.