Mr. Rubi and the Iraqi

Another God moment in The Zone
Mr. Rubi and the Iraqi

Mr. Rubi has been working on getting his immigration documents in order for almost a year. He is from the Sudan and he came to see me again on Monday. He came from an appointment at the local INS office and finally was able to find out just what he needed to know. He was in my chair showing me the documents the INS officer gave him when a Southwest Behavioral Health case manager came to my door with a gentleman who needed immigration assistance.

Mr. Georgees was polite but spoke very little English, he handed me a sheath of papers; immigration paperwork, passports, immunization records, letters from the embassy, etc… His case manager said he needed to call an interpreter, I asked Mr. Georgees if he was from Cuba because he handed me an I-94 so I knew he wasn’t from Mexico. He answered, “No… Iraq”. Just then, Mr. Rubi started speaking to Mr. Georgees in his native language, Arabic!

Think about this, it wouldn’t have been difficult to find a Spanish speaking translator but I’m confidant in saying I wouldn’t have been able to readily find an Arabic translator on the Human Services Campus. Ironically, probably the only man in the area who could help is also a homeless immigration client of ours and happened to be sitting in my chair at the time. I ask you….. what are the chances he’d be in my chair when Mr. Georgees was brought to my office? Another God moment in The Zone…