Miracles ... big or small

Do we look for grandiose miracles today? Burning bushes? People raised from the dead? Does this search for grandiose miracles blind us to the miracles which surround us and occur everyday? A conversation I had with Deborah during the outreach event for the homeless went something like this as we discussed what it must have been like when Jesus walked amongst the people, when he feed thousands with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish...

Deborah: You know people back then were stupid, there Jesus was RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM performing miracles and SOME STILL DIDN'T BELIEVE... feeding thousands with a 5 loaves of bread and a couple fish. Didn't they wonder where it came from?? Why didn't they see it??

Me: You know.. earlier we were talking about how the sweater and blanket piles never seem to go down and yet hundreds of people are walking out of here with big bags of clothes and coats and sweaters and blankets... you said this warehouse behind us must be filled with clothes and stuff.... Maybe Jesus is in there.. with His bread and His fish...

Deborah: Dang... you're right.

Opened my eyes for sure to the miracles we may dismiss... man I dig God... :)