Judge not...

An old fable tells of a Persian King who wanted to discourage his four sons from criticizing others. At his command the eldest son made a journey in the winter to see a mango tree. When spring came, the next oldest was sent on the same errand to the tree. In the summer, the third son was sent. The youngest went to the tree in the fall.

The king called them all together to describe the mango tree. The first son said it was like a burnt old stump. The second said it was a beautiful, lacy green. The third said it's blossoms were as beautiful as the rose. The youngest said its fruit was like a pear.

'Each of you is right,' said the king, 'for each of you saw it in a different season. Remember this lesson: Judge not, for you may not know the whole truth.'

Judge not... the homeless have or have had families... somewhere, someone knows his name... Judge not ...... perhaps he is in a different season.