Tracy moves on...

As I walked through the day room this morning, I looked up and saw a smiling Tracy coming towards me. She was positively glowing... 'I'm so excited, we got an apartment and are moving out today.' I wished her the best of luck; she said, 'I really am blessed.' I smiled and agreed with her and told her I knew she was going to do great.

As I sat at my desk later and pulled up Tracy's file to add the good news in the notes, I reflected on her past visits. She visited a year ago and from the notes, I can imagine her dejection. I think that people in general just do not realize the dilemma when a person cannot obtain ID. The feeling of being 'stuck', of having to climb mountains you are unequipped to climb. The absolute dejection of not being able to move forward. How many of us have experienced the dream of trying to run but our feet are stuck in mud? Imagine your life as such.

Can you imagine the joy of getting your identity back? Of leaving the life of a non-existent person on the streets to holding hope in your hand with an ID? The minute Tracy obtained that ID, her narrow world opened up into a rotunda of opportunity.

Today we wish Tracy best wishes with her new life. May she continue to move forward, may she continue to mend bridges with her family, may she continue in her sobriety. May she look back at her hard learned lessons and move forward with her new found knowledge....may she continue to be blessed.