Tracy's Story

Perhaps a month and a half ago it was…..I had a heartwarming experience with a client named Tracy. She came into the office for assistance in obtaining an AZ state id. I pulled up her file and noticed she had been in before, last year she tried to acquire her birth certificate in the first step to getting her ID. The notes indicated that we could not help her at that time. She was born in a state that requires a government issued photo ID (driver’s license or state ID) to request a birth record. In looking through Ms Tracy’s file I realized and pointed out we shared not only a first name but a middle name and almost a birthday! I asked her if she had family that might help her by ordering her birth certificate on her behalf. She replied she had a daughter in northern California but was not on speaking terms with her, her eyes welled up with tears as she told me. She said she hadn’t talked to her in almost two years and that the last conversation ended badly. I asked her how she felt about making contact with her, I pointed out that I was here and I would help her. She nodded and reached for the phone, it was with bittersweet joy to watch her at least reconnect with her daughter. As Tracy spoke with her daughter she was crying as she tried to explain the help she needed. Tracy handed the phone to me and I introduced myself and explained how we needed her help because Tracy did not have the identification required to order her birth certificate but that as her daughter, she could order it for her. Tracy’s daughter asked me rather sadly, ‘Is my mom still on drugs? She has been on drugs a long time, I’m hesitant to do this for her because of that.’ I explained to Tracy’s daughter that I didn’t have the answer to that question but what I did know was, without state identification, Tracy didn’t stand a chance of change. She is unable to utilize any of the services that could help her without identification; and the birth certificate was absolutely the primary document she needed to get her ID. I also explained that I would do the paperwork and pay for the document. If she was willing to do this, I just needed her address and I would send her everything with explicit instructions on the steps that she must take and she could help at least give her mom a chance. JUST A CHANCE. Tracy’s daughter agreed and gave me her address, she was also crying, and I handed the phone back to Tracy. I listened to her tearfully thank her daughter and tell her she loved her. We filled out the paperwork and Tracy left the office with probably more hope than she has had in a while.

I looked up the other day and saw Tracy peering closely at the mail list! I poked my head out and told her it should be any day now. She said she’d keep checking.

Now listen to how good God is…. not an hour later, Deborah was listening to our office phone messages, hung up and turned to me, ‘There was a message for you, Tracy’s daughter called, she received the birth certificate and mailed it today.’

Tracy now has a chance…..